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Cheap Car Insurance – If You Have to Have it Go Cheap

Nearly everyone is required to purchase car insurance. If you operate a vehicle in these here United States then you need auto insurance. It may be a bit confusing to wade through a policy, let alone find cheap auto insurance. We’re here to help ease the pain and save you some money!

First, lets cover some basics. Nearly every state and territory requires a minimum level of auto insurance in order to operate a car on public roads. This level of insurance is referred to as liability insurance. This form of insurance helps to pay for damages and injuries that you cause to others. Depending on your state requirements it may not offer any medical benefits to you or payments for damage to your vehicle. Minimum liability coverage levels vary greatly from state to state. It is generally a good idea to purchase more coverage than the state mandated minimums. You want to make sure you are well covered if you cause an accident.

If you really want to find cheap auto insurance you will need to be a seasoned and safe driver. If you are insuring a young driver you will be paying a lot more than comparable insurance for an older safe driver. Insurance companies want a safe bet, and young drivers are anything but a safe bet. They tend to be more reckless than older drivers, and they lack experience. If you’re the parent of a young driver you can save money by adding him or her to your policy. If you want to purchase a policy for your teenager then document how many miles they will drive per year. Most young people drive limited miles which makes them eligible for a reduced rate.

Being a safe, obedient driver is the best way to lower your rates. It is imperative to avoid points on your driving record. If you happen to receive a ticket for exceeding the speed limit be sure to go to court. If you are caught dead to rights, then see if there is a drivers safety course that can eliminate the points from your driving record. If you can keep your driving record clean you should see your rates go down yearly. If your rates don’t go down be sure to shop around for cheaper car insurance.

If you are shopping around for a new policy make sure you don’t declare an inflated value of your vehicle. If your car gets totalled you will only receive the insurance company’s “book” value of your vehicle. You could end up paying too much for your policy and receive nothing in return. On the other hand if you have after market additions such as a high-end stereo system or paint job, you should declare these items to your insurance agent. He or she will probably want to see the vehicle and take pictures. It is a good idea to find out how much extra it will cost to insure the replacement of these items. Do the math, and if the cost is too high don’t insure them.

Comparing rates will be the best way to find cheap auto insurance. The easiest way to shop for anything now a days is to make use of the internet. You can either go to the big carrier’s websites or find a website that offers quotes from multiple agents. Whatever you do make sure you make use of several sites. It is important that you compare identical policies. If you are unable to find identical policies you should call the agents directly. Most insurance sites will list the phone numbers of individual agents. This way you can have your questions answered and your policies modified.

Insurance may be a government mandated expense, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep in mind the advice we have given, and you should be able to find a good policy at a good price. If you have any questions feel free to use our Contact page to get a hold of us today.